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New Jersey is the epicenter of corrupt politicians, tax and spend policies, and tyrannical control of everyday people's lives that has permeated much of the country. The COVID-19 pandemic simply exacerbated all these behaviors with a President and Governor that ran wild with arbitrary executive orders, and legislative bodies that failed to keep them in check, but, there is a person willing to challenge the new normal that is driving America and the Garden State down a dangerous path. 

Congressional candidate Gregg Mele is a life-long resident of New Jersey who is passionate about restoring liberty and freedom to the state. From the pinelands to the NYC border, from High Point down the length of the Jersey shore, he has the pulse of New Jersey running through his veins. He comes from humble beginnings - the child of blue-collar parents whose father worked long hours in a bookbinding factory so his family might have a better life. A Montclair State cum laude graduate, Gregg continued his education and eventually graduated cum laude from New York University School Law School with his LL.M. In between he earned his MS from Stevens Institute of Technology, his MBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York and his JD from New York Law School. It is safe to say that, nationwide, Gregg may well be the most educated person running for Congress this year. 

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A prior candidate with statewide name recognition and a commitment to changing the political culture in America and New Jersey, Gregg is already touring District 6 regularly, attending a variety of events to enable him to understand more closely all the different issues facing all his future constituents, from all walks of life, so he can be the most effective legislator in Congress. During these visits, Gregg has told the People the pillars of his plans. They include:


1) Ending the devastation caused by the tyrannical lockdowns and associated Executive Orders which have hurt so many small businesses and continue to cause irreparable damage to school-age children and isolated seniors while making a negligible difference in personal safety at the sacrifice of personal and medical freedom, as well as ensuring that there is medical consumer choice in as wide a range of healthcare options as possible;

2) Fixing the budget gap, stopping the runaway spending and inflation, and cutting the taxes that are causing the residents of New Jersey and other blue states to flee in droves;

3) Promoting educational equity for all children in New Jersey, which can only be achieved through school choice, including home-schooling, where funding follows the student, in order to promote competition and an improved educational product;

4) Restoring all Second Amendment rights, as ensured by our Founding Fathers, with a streamlined process for enabling law-abiding citizens to protect their families;

5) Working to improve security, both at the border and in our electoral process, to restore the faith of the public in our sovereignty and our democracy;

6) Seeking to level the playing field with cannabis, similar to alcohol post-Prohibition, and the release of all non-violent simple possession offenders, and others caught up in the opioid crisis, from prison so they can seek help and actually repair their lives, rather than using elaborate tax schemes or crony capitalism to enable continued irresponsibility with taxpayer money;

7) Helping to repair New Jersey's broken and unnecessarily expensive mass transit infrastructure arising from sweetheart deals and artificial, unsustainable manipulation of the economy, as well as enabling the private sector to develop innovative solutions to address climate change with the best sources of renewable energy; and

8) Ensuring that life will be valued, and help will be provided wherever possible, to enable mothers to choose life over abortion to the extent possible in this world.


In short, Gregg will return accountability and responsibility to government.  Please join us as we work to create another red wave in 2022!

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